What is Capitol Court? Is it an apartment complex, motel ... or what?
 Will I be renting a private room or will I have to share my room with another person or several roommates?
How can I reserve a room at Capitol Court?

Capitol Court does not have any apartments or studios.
It used to be a motel and has been converted into a privately-owned, residential building with 130+ dormitory-style rooms that are mainly occupied by international students.  

All the rooms in Capitol Court are private; one person to a room. Each room has its own private bathroom. You do not have to share a room or a bathroom with anyone. Privacy is one of the things about Capitol Court that the residents like best!

Email the Manager through the "Contact Us" web page and we can begin the process there. Give the information required and the Manager, will email you as soon as possible. If you are in Omaha, please come to the office and fill out an application.

Are meals provided at Capitol Court?

No, Capitol Court does not provide meals. There is a community kitchen in the lower level where you may do your own cooking. There are also many  restaurants in the area.

Is Capitol Court a safe place to live?
What are the people like who live in Capitol Court?

 1) The hallways, kitchen and laundry room are monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras for your security.

2) Every resident's room has two locks on their door.

3) The hallway doors leading into the long halls are locked at 8 p.m. every night. 

There are 130+ rooms in Capitol Court occupied by international students from 75 countries! The residents are kind, friendly and helpful.  

Is smoking /pets allowed in Capitol Court? 
Will I have any other expenses to pay each month?
How can I pay my rent when I arrive in Omaha?

Your only expense is your monthly rent. All utilities, such as gas, water, heat, electricity and air conditioning, are paid by Capitol Court. Luxuries such as phone, cable TV and Internet services are not provided by Capitol court, although every room is wired for these at the resident's expense.

You will need to bring U.S. dollars, Traveler's Checks, a Money Order or a check from a valid U.S. bank to pay your Security Deposit and first month's rent. Capitol Court does not accept any credit cards.

No, smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building. Smoking is only permitted outside Capitol Court.

​No, pets are not permitted anywhere in the building.

Can I get high-speed Internet service at Capitol Court?
Where can I do my laundry?
What do I need to bring with me to live in Capitol Court?

You will need to bring linens - in other words, full-size, double bed sheets, a blanket and towels. If you plan to cook you will need cookware - pots and pans and cooking utensils. Having plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons and glasses are also helpful. Capitol Court does not provide these items. They may be purchased across the street at the "Target Store" when you arrive. Each resident MUST provide their own personal full-size/double bed sheets. You may bring them with you or purchase them at the Mall across the street.

In the lower level next to the kitchen there is a laundry room with washers and dryers that is open everyday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The washing machines take 3 quarters (.75) and the dryers take 2 quarters (.50).

There is also an ironing board for you to use to iron your clothes, and you may borrow an iron from the manager during office hours. The laundry facilities are for residents only. Non residents are not permitted to do laundry in Capitol Court.

Capitol Court has its own Wifi nertowk which residents can access at $15 per month.

Also, every room is wired and ready for this service at the resident's expense. You may order high-speed Internet from Cox Communications. They also provide digital telephone and digital cable TV service. You can get a special offer through Capitol Court with a coupon offering 25% discount to Cox Communications at the time you check into Capitol Court as a new tenant.

Are all the rooms in Capitol Court the same size?
Do any of the rooms have kitchens in them?  
May I use electric cooking appliances in my room?

Most of the rooms are of the same size. The standard room rate is as below. Some rooms are larger and cost more. Rooms in the basement are cheaper than rooms on the main and top floor. Please contact the management for more details.

$335.00 – Room Rent per month
$ 40.00 - Utility Fee

$300.00 - Deposit

No, none of Capitol Court's rooms have kitchens, and actual cooking is not allowed in your room, unless you are using your microwave to warm something. You may use the community kitchen in the lower level of the building to do your cooking and baking from 7:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. everyday.  

You may use an electric rice cooker, microwave, and coffee maker, but electric frying pans, "hot plates", induction cookers, grills, etc. are not allowed in the rooms for any reason.

Will I have to buy furniture for my room?
If I get a car where can I park at Capitol Court?
How can I get a driver's license in Omaha? 

There is a parking lot in the front of Capitol Court and also on the East end next to the Marriott Residence Inn. Each resident is allotted one parking place. Unlicensed and undriveable cars are not allowed to stay in the parking lot. Non resident's cars are not permitted to stay in Capitol Court's parking lot.

No, each room in Capitol Court is completely furnished. Please see the "Rooms" page for the details of what is in each room. Some students choose to buy extra furniture after they arrive such as a small table, computer desk or extra lamp.

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles is where you would go to get a driver's license and license plates for your car. Locations and information for applying for a driver's license and taking the driver's test can be found here. 

 Is there any place that I can store my pots & pans and my cooking oil, rice, etc.?  
How far is UNO or ILUNO from Capitol Court?
Does Capitol Court ever close down and require me to move out like other dormitories?

You may rent a cabinet in the kitchen to store your cooking utensils, pots and cooking oil, spices, rice, etc. These cabinets range in size and price from $5.00 to $7.00 per month.

It is about a 10 minute walk - 4 to 9 blocks away, depending upon which part of the campus you're going to.

Capitol Court is open for you all year long. 

How is the weather in Omaha?
Is there a grocery store in walking distance?

Omaha has 4 seasons and the weather varies even during these 4 seasons. 
If you plan to live in Omaha during the winter months you will need a heavy coat, plus a hat, scarf and gloves. Boots are also helpful. Some winters are very cold and snowy while others are milder. Summers are generally warm and humid.

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can be a problem in Omaha. 

"Bag 'N Save" Grocery is about 5 blocks West of Capitol Court at 76th & West Dodge Road. It is within easy walking distance.
There is also the "Asian Market" on 76th Street, just North of Dodge - phone number: 391-2606. It is about 4 blocks West of Capitol Court and is the newest and largest Asian grocery in the area!
"Target" Store in the Crossroads Mall across the street from Capitol Court has all kinds of canned & frozen food, bread, pizza, milk and many items and, some fresh vegetables and fruit.